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PDO Emulator for PEAR DB

PDO Emulator for PEAR DB - GNU General Public License -

Freeware  5k 551

Pyrus - PEAR compatible packages

Pyrus - Various PEAR compatible packages developed and used to increase rapid application development. All packages are designed with possible inclusion into the PEAR repository in mind, and are coded and documented according to PEAR standards.

Freeware  4k 275


The purpose of this project is to provide methods for creating, validating, processing dojo / dijit elements in your PHP code.

Freeware  44k 196


PHP classes and functions to ease the integration of Apples QuickTime media architecture with web sites and applications.

Freeware  106k 316
Desert Wildflowers

Desert Wildflowers

Beautiful desert wildflowers from many unique habitats are presented for desktop enjoyment. The pictures are accompanied by an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned. The advanced screen saver engine includes a Wallpaper feature allows you to select any image in the screen ...

Shareware  3,427k 937 Imagedancer
Edraw Max

Edraw Max

Vector-based diagramming software with lots of examples and templates. Easy to create flow charts, organizational charts, business diagrams, science illustration, UML diagrams, BPMN diagram, circular diagram, process diagram, IDEF diagram, web diagram, work flow diagram, business form, network diagrams, mind map, business cards and database ...

Shareware  248,023k 5887 EDrawSoft

VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2002

Develop php applications from within Visual Studio.Net 2002. This product lets you build, edit and deploy php applications using the familiar interface of the most popular IDE in the market. Contrary to other PHP IDE products, VS.Php leverages the familiar interface of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net ...

Shareware  15,155k 964 Jcx Software Corp

VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2003

Develop php applications from within Visual Studio.Net 2003. This product lets you build, edit and deploy php applications using the familiar interface of the most popular IDE in the market. Contrary to other PHP IDE products, VS.Php leverages the familiar interface of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net ...

  14,547k 1220 Jcx Software Corp
HTML_QuickForm Pilot

HTML_QuickForm Pilot

HTML_QuickForm is a part of PEAR. It is a great package, but you need a lot of coding to create PHP forms with complex structure and validation logic. Instead of writing PHP form code manually, you can create the same code in minutes, using the ...

Shareware  952k 784 Two Pilots


XAMPP project is a very easy to install Apache distribution for Linux, Solaris, and Windows.Many people know from their own experience that it?s not easy to install an Apache web server and it gets harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP ...

Freeware  82,893k 459 Apache Friends, Imprint

MRPHP Application Framework

MRPHP is a "framework," if you will, for developing object oriented applications. Sticking to strict coding standards (based on PEAR) and the documentation format of PHPDoc keep this project comprehensive for all general software development using PHP.

Freeware  404k 303

Mail Queue

Mail queue class to put mails in queue and send them later (eg. every few minutes) by crontab. I used for it pear classess and code it in pear standards. For more info on PEAR go to:

Freeware  15k 356

Omnifriend - Universal Friends Page

A php application that allows users to create a universal friends page. Uses php/mysql by default, but can use any database supported by php pear::db functions. Connect to multiple weblog (blog) services and pulls/combines the rss feeds

Freeware  171k 542


Open2Support is a opensource Support system written in PHP with IRCG and PEAR:DB. It also has a internalization system. Also, you can call visitors and send html messages to them.

Freeware  31k 124


Suite of multi-language templating system classes, loosely based on PEAR/PHPlib template class. The classes may be used to parse any text based template (HTML, ASCII, text, etc).Already available:- JScript- Python- PHPPlanned:- VBscript- Ja

Freeware  45k 686


This database class provides easy and simple interface to access the most important db function in PHP. It provides implementations for MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, SQLTE, ODBC and has wrapper classes ADODB, METABASE, PEAR and PHPLIB.

Freeware  188k 244


Using PHP, and PEAR packages, connects to and display responses from a PH server, which is an online electronic directory system, or "online phonebook". Produces XHTML, uses CSS2, and design attempts to maximize accessibility.

Freeware  79k 2124

Phind PHP Bind Implementation

Phind - A fully featured domain name server written entirely in PHP. Supports pear db abstraction (dbase, fbsql, interbase, informix, msql, mssql, mysql,mysqli, oci8, odbc, pgsql, sqlite and sybase) as well as djbdns/tinydns and bind configuration

Freeware  15k 343


PhpSkel is web application framework. It based on Phrame (MVC), Smarty and PEAR libraries. Also there many additional classes useful in real projects. PhpSkel is stable and flexible solution because it was used in many projects since summer 2003.

Freeware  440k 484

Polymorphic Scripts

Polymorphic Polymorphic Scripts can be installed on any of 5 supported databases MySQL,PostgreeSQL,Firebird,SQLite,mSQL. PhcScripts works directly with databases i.e. does NOT use ADODB , PEAR::DB or other ...

Freeware  240k 322

Port Security Adnimistrator

A PHP-based port security administrator for routers and switches, communicating with SNMP packets. It uses Pear DB for database access, and Auth for authenticating. Manage users, sockets, ports, multiple MAC addresses for a port, operators, etc.

Freeware  51k 246

SA PHP Application Framework

SA PHP Application Framework is a web application framework heavily based on PEAR which provides a set of classes for rapid application development. Some of its features are: URL encryption, search engine friendly URLs, caching, I18n and more.

Freeware  757k 412

Simple HTML template for python

HTML generation from files templates. Designed for python developpers who want to have a very light templating system for their HTML pages generation. Samples and documentation are provided. Created on the idea of PEAR PHP template ITX.

Freeware  50k 504


WeDeS is an WEbsite DEployment System, featuring Smarty Templates, User management, PEAR DB and user modules. WeDeS may be used for a wide range of PHP Web Applications.

Freeware  13k 451

osWiki CMS

osWiki CMS is a browser-based Content Management System, augmented by Smarty (template & caching engine), FCKeditor (WYSIWYG editor), patUser (authentication), Magpie RSS, and PEAR. It runs on Apache 1.3.x (with mod_rewrite), PHP 4.3.x, and MySQL 4.1.

Freeware  1,909k 247


The phpMrtgAdmin is the flexible PHP-based web-tool for monitoring of MRTG-created graphs. Using the PHP this tool uses also some PEAR packages that might be download from the PEAR site. The current release contains all used PEAR packages.

Freeware  111k 511


phpModuleManager provides a way to modularize php applications. In contrast to PEAR it is more focused on visible applications. Dependencies, Includes and apache and named configuration are automatically handles as well as svn and cvs updates.

Freeware  17k 1617


phpersistence is an object oriented persistence layer for php, using transparent object relational mapping. It is intended to work on PHP4 and PHP5, with all major RDBMS, as it runs on top of Pear::DB abstraction layer.

Freeware  211k 220


sync4db is a small, simple & smart web-tool to synchronize database tablesusing PEAR MDB2 and XMLRPC, e.g. local and remote tables of a CMS database.

Freeware  20k 708

Atlantis Installer

This project is designed for installing PHP-GTK2 applications onto a users system as an alternative to using PEAR. However theoreticly, it can install anything.

Freeware  71k 188
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